Clearing space: Meditation in a classroom

(By Tamar Barkay, Professor of Microbiology, Rutgers University, a 2017 Earth-Love-Go workshop alumni) Inspired by my attendance of the 2017 Contemplative Environmental Practice workshop at the Lama Foundation, I introduced a guided meditation exercise at the beginning of each lecture in my “Microbial Ecology and Diversity” course in the Fall of 2017. This three-credit course … Continued

Selfless self-compassion by a 2016 Alumni

From an Earth-Love-Go workshop alumni who attended our annual workshop in 2016 and chooses to be anonymous. With right intention, self-care is revolutionary just as revolution/activism is self-care. What does it mean to fill our own cup before we pour nectar and healing for others? This blog includes audio of guided loving kindness meditation by Kritee, … Continued