Where Earth Activism meets Spiritual Practice

Environmental challenges undermine the quality of life, intensify social injustices, and threaten the organic fabric of the Earth. They arise deep within current political, economic, and cultural systems and trouble the most intimate chambers of the heart. Earth‐Love‐Go is a collective effort to craft responses that honor the gravity of environmental harm and the depth of who we are as human beings. At its core is the commitment to apply the wisdom of contemplative practice to environmental work.

The Workshop

How can we mobilize and educate for environmental wellbeing without becoming embittered or burned out? How can we can maintain, deepen, and grow in our environmental commitments?

This workshop brings together educators and activists to share ways of living on the frontlines of environmental concern. Using daily meditation, yoga, nature walks, art, and other reflective exercises, we will probe the depths of the environmental crisis and develop inner resources to work and teach on behalf of global sustainability.



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