Not only was the workshop personally transformative, but it also offered me the tools, support, and validation I needed to more confidently integrate contemplative practices into both my teaching and research. What an inspiring and nurturing experience — a perfect prefiguration of what education can be.

– James K. Rowe, Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Studies, University of Victoria

The 2010 Workshop at Lama was a high point of my career as a teacher. Mixing with people from different disciplines gave me many new perspectives on environmental studies and I came away with a number of new ideas for my own class on “Buddhism and the Environment.” Lama was an inspiring locale with its strong ecological ethos and inter‐faith history.

– Dan Cozort, Editor, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Department of Religion, Dickinson College

The year I attended the Lama Contemplative Environmental Studies retreat I was a very anxious tenure‐track professor with a large research project in ecological art. The workshop gave me the space and perspective I needed to breathe, re‐align my values, and design a practice that would protect me from the sometimes crippling pressures of academia and tenure and promotion. I felt a profound shift in my thinking and my practice that has influenced my writing and my work since.

‐Denise Kenney, Associate Professor, Department of Creative Studies, University of British Columbia

The CEP workshop I attended with my daughter and son in the summer of 2016 was a fabulous break away from our everyday lives. For the brief time we were there, we strengthened our relationships with each other and met like‐minded people that care about the planet as much as we do. Soul searching exercises on things like how future earth‐beings might view us in 200 years led to a lot of creative input and sharing. The people, mountains, meditation practices, food, and soul of Lama are all things that make me highly recommend the Lama Foundation as a place to bond, search, and live in the present with really cool people.

‐ Susan Pang, St. Louis Missouri

I carry with me deep memories of this time away from “life as usual,” and continue to use contemplative practice in my life in and outside the classroom. The tranquility of the mountain, the friends I made there, and the remarkable teachers made this is precious and transformative experience.

‐Rev. Jane Ellen Nickell, Chaplain, Allegheny College, Meadville, PA

First, I am a scientist and an artist. So I carry my skepticism along with a search for meditation as a practice and for enjoying its benefits. What I found at Lama was a collection of bright, articulate, and highly engaged individuals, participants as well as faculty, with a very broad range of experience and skills. It was a powerful mix, and there was plenty of time for extended conversations over the wonderful meals. It has been a couple of month’s now and I still miss the friends I made there in that short week. What a powerful and uplifting experience.

‐ John Hess, Professor of Biology Emeritus, University of Central Missouri

I attended the 2015 Contemplative Environmental Studies/Practice workshop at the Lama Foundation, and can say that this experience continues to inform both my teaching and my daily life. The location and subject are important, but the real power of this experience comes from the combination of the leaders and participants. The week includes a great variety of valuable activities. But perhaps most valuable is that three times a day you share a delicious meal at a table with an always‐changing half dozen interesting, lively, spiritually‐ and environmentally‐grounded people all working in different ways to make the world a better place. You want to do this. You need to do this.

‐Kevin Hickey, Associate Prof. of Africana Studies, English, and Humanities, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

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