David Abram, cultural ecologist and geophilosopher, is the author of The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-than-Human World, and Becoming Animal: An Earthly Cosmology. Hailed as “revolutionary” by the Los Angeles Times, as “daring” and “truly original” by Science, Dr. Abram’s writings have catalyzed the emergence of several new disciplines, including the rapidly growing field of Ecopsychology. His essays on the cultural causes and consequences of environmental disarray are published in numerous magazines, scholarly journals, and anthologies. David is the co-founder and Director of the Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE), a consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the earth through a rapid transformation of culture. Widely sought after as a uniquely powerful educator and speaker, Dr. Abram recently held the international Arne Naess Chair in Global Justice and the Environment at the University of Oslo. A distinguished Fellow of Schumacher College, he is a recipient of the international Lannan Literary Award for Nonfiction, and of fellowships from the Rockefeller and the Watson Foundations. David lives with his two children in the foothills of the southern Rockies.