Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education is an academic organization focused on how contemplative practices can enhance teaching, inquiry, and scholarship. It encourages integration across academic fields as well as the mind, body, and heart.  It holds workshops, retreats, and conferences, and supports faculty in creating courses and curricula aimed at whole person education.  Through its growing network of professors and institutional partners, it is building a more compassionate, wakeful, and publicly engaged academic community.

Global Environmental Politics (GEP) Program, School of International Service at American University, Washington DC. GEP is a research and teaching program focused on meeting the challenges of global sustainability.  It offers courses of study for both undergraduate and graduate students, and conducts scholarship on a range of issues including the politics of climate change, water governance, political ecology of food and agriculture, critical development studies, and global environmental governance.  GEP is at the forefronts of training students and producing knowledge in the service of global environmental protection.

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is a national nonprofit that offers in‐depth mindfulness programming for young adults and the parents and professionals who support them. Its programming guides young adults in developing self‐awareness, compassion, and ethical decision making, and empowers them to apply these skills in improving their lives and communities. iBme is committed to caring for the natural world and addressing issues of social justice in all its activities.  It leads mindfulness retreats for young adults across the country at retreat centers and in wilderness settings, and provides mindfulness retreats for high schools and universities.

Consciousness Explorers Club is a meditative think‐tank and community hub that supports personal growth and life activism through carefully curated courses, retreats, events, and weekly guided meditation and social practices. Its outlook and methodology are humanistic and pluralistic: it takes insights and practices from culture and science and integrates them in playful and experimental ways. It draws insights  from the world’s contemplative traditions, in particular Buddhism and mindfulness. The Club does this as a community, and tries to empower everyone to come up with their own insights and service missions, and to share their various neurotic life strategies to build a body of skilled practitioners infused with the spirit of dumbfounded incredulity. As good explorers, members don’t push world views – they investigate them. The ambition is global; the community is local. We sit, we dance, we act. We fall asleep during long lectures. We wake up refreshed!

RE‐volv is a charitable organization that aims to jump-start the clean energy revolution.  It works by financing and installing solar energy systems on the roofs of nonprofit groups such as food coops, churches, synagogues, and public schools.  These groups then purchase their energy at below-market prices from RE-volv, and RE-volv then uses the proceeds to finance additional projects.  The idea is to create a sustainable, revolving fund that can cover the costs of installing an ever-increasing number of solar projects.  Please join us!